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We currently have service dogs available! 



We are very proud of both our childrens and young adults programs and offer a wide variety of assistance to our kids.  Whether it is congenital, brain injury, disease or traumatic event, we are simply unwilling to say no to a child.  We also do not have age limitations to any of our programs. 

A few years ago we pioneered the first  service dog program for children with F.A.S.D. in Canada.  With personal experience in working with individuals with FAE and FAS, we our proud to say we have many working teams all over North America.  While it is not a good fit for every FAS child, many find success with having a companion by their  sides to assist them with every day life.

Some of our children have terminal illnesses and some have big worries, whatever the issue, we are there! We are proud to work with area pediatricians, C.A.S. and schools to assist our children in finding their way through tough times.   Working with Boards of Education in Ontario to change access to schools is one of our top priorities.  We have introduced canine training for school and yearly re-certification for all dogs attending schools with children.  We believe this is the best way to ensure all service dogs are working to their fullest potential while observing the needs and safety requirements of all students involved.   We encourage all current service dog owners to contact their trainers for any assistance they might need to ensure their dogs are behaving appropriately and are ready to enter the school system.

Please contact us for more information on aquiring a service dog for your child, our Courage in Court program or our Kids N' Canines reading program.  We have also entertained field trips from local schools to our centre and provide school demonstrations.  Ask about our fostering program where your future service dog grows up with you in the home!  This allows for a wonderful bond to develop between your child and their future service dog.