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We began our company back in 2003 in Thorndale, Ontario.  We moved to our new facilities in Mount Brydges in September 2013, where we were met with sinking dog runs and very poor conditions.  Since then we have been very busy updating the grounds and buildings of our Training Centre.


During the last three years we have torn down and re-insulated walls and put in new cement runs for the better health and cleanliness of our dogs.  We have also put in new sidewalks for easier accessibility and replaced the heating system as well as installed new kennels and birthing suites.  Furthermore, we have begun installing a new grooming area, complete with bathing and drying facilities.


During the fall of 2016 we renovated our storage barn into our new state of the art Training Centre. This fully insulated, heated and airconditioned Centre is complete with rubber flooring for the comfort and safety of our dogs while undergoing training for their future lives of service.


We have acquired, built and developed new training equipment to give our dogs access to the best training we can provide, while updating our own methods and certifications.


We are currently putting in a mock apartment into the other end of the Training Centre to be able to teach our dogs more intricate task training, such as opening cupboards and the refrigerator as well as proper house behaviour.